Elaine Allemang

 The choice is plain.  We need Elaine.


Elaine Allemang
Write-in Candidate for Chaffee County Clerk

 The choice is plain. We need Elaine.

Hello.  I am Elaine Allemang candidate for Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder as a Write in Candidate.


A little information about me.


I moved to Salida in June 2002 and have become involved in community through Salida Rotary Club, Salida Community Center, Forward Operating Base and other organizations. I was president of the Salida Rotary Club in 2012-2013.

I have been involved with the Salida Senior Citizens, Inc. dba Salida Community Center since 2009. I started out on the board became Board President in 2011-2014. I then became administrator of the facility and I am still continuing to be a part of the center. During my time at the center many changes have taken place but the main one was when the Covid Pandemic shut everything down. At that time we increased our food distribution from around 150 people to around 900. We still to date are serving between 800 and 900 people each month. We also started the food program for children during the school year. We pack approximately 200 bags weekly for the children of this area.


I also organized several successful events including the several events through the Salida Rotary Club, the Arkansas River Double Haul, Bluegrass on the Arkansas and the Colorado Grand and most recently the July 4th celebration in Riverside Park.

Several of my accomplishments include Woman of the Year 2015, Hardest Working Volunteer in Salida for 2017 and the Al Berger Service in Aging Award by the Colorado Gerontological Society for 2017.

Before coming to Salida I was employed by USDA/FSA for over 12 years where I handled farm programs for 4 counties located in Texas. And before that I was business manager for 7 years for a large oil company I managed 9 employees and worked directly with the Railroad Commission on all paperwork and designed a computer program where all royalty payments were issued monthly.


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